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A safe place to discuss pregnancy, TTC, birth, and all things parenting
In this community you can discuss all aspects of positive pregnancy, birth, conception, breastfeeding, parenting and beyond safely.

It's open for everybody, but there are some rules.

* If you cannot offer helpful, insightful or kind information, don't bother.

* Racist and discriminating remarks are not tolerated and will be deleted.

* Don't resort to name calling.

* Do not slander people for their choices or their ideas.

* Show respect for your fellow community members. Keep in mind that no matter what they are writing, there are still people sitting behind that screen on the other side that DO have feelings that CAN get hurt.

* Post whatever subject you want to discuss, as long as it is relative

* If there is a member who is causing issues, please please PLEASE let a mod know with the member's name and reference to the post. DO NOT DELETE COMMENTS.


There are some obvious fueled topics that are bound to create controversy, with all regards to posting, your opinion does NOT have to mirror that of the posters or the members, but there are respectful ways of delivering alternate views, please explore these methods and act respectively, we all want to be the best parents we can be, by whatever means we are capable of.

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